marine units in vietnam 1969


Marine Corps Non-Divisional And Sub-Divisional Ground Units In Vietnam. On 10 February, Company H, 2/9 Marines captured a large cache of ammunition, weapons and equipment while on patrol five kilometers northwest of FSB Cunningham. [2]:46, As the Marines approached the Laotian border and in response to the artillery attack on Cunningham, Major General Davis had sent requests up the chain of command to get permission to enter Laos. On 24 January the 9th Marines command post was moved from Vandegrift to Razor. 2nd Battalion sustained eight killed and 33 wounded during the operation. After some time, patrol was located and an artillery mission was called in which routed PAVN. [2]:39, On 18 February Company A, 1/9 Marines encountered a PAVN bunker system which they overran killing 30 PAVN. Company A continued the attack killing a further 17 PAVN, total Marine losses were 6 dead. Not wanting to give away the ambush or their position Winecoff, set off the claymores and the ambush. At 02:30, the lights of eight trucks appeared, and as three trucks came into the kill zone the column of vehicles stopped. Cpl. Morale was low because the Marines were tired after several days of patrolling, additionally, they did not want to leave the resupplies that included 60 mm mortar ammunition and C-rations. along the Song Tra Khuc River south and west to Song Re River, Joint US/Vietnamese attempt to inject an allied presence into, 105 US and Vietnamese riverine craft were concentrated to protect against enemy threats to, USAF dry season area interdiction campaign in Laos, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 08:15. In 1969, the headquarters of the 101st Airborne Division was moved to Phu Bai. "[2]:41, On 21 February, Captain Winecoff received a message from Colonel Barrow, 9th Marines Commanding Officer, to set up an ambush along Route 922. [2]:47, Company H, flanked by Companies E and F, continued their drive east, which was rapid and did not allow for the Companies to conduct thorough searches. [1]:89 The haul of ammunition included 363 RPG-2 rounds and 120 rounds of 60mm mortar ammunition. With roughly 25,000 Marines and sailors in its ranks, 1st Marine Division is “the oldest, largest and most decorated division in the United States Marine … His reasoning for continued operations was the presence of the enemy in the area was a threat to his troops. Notable decorations and awards during the operation were: In 1971, the operation to clear Highway 9 from Đông Hà Combat Base to the Laotian border was named Operation Dewey Canyon II in an attempt to misdirect enemy attention towards the A Shau Valley instead of Tchepone, the actual objective of the combined campaign. [2]:39, On the early morning of 17 February PAVN sappers attacked Firebase Cunningham resulting in 4 Marines and 37 PAVN killed. [2]:47 Company H was to move into Laos followed by Companies E and F and push eastward on the road, forcing the PAVN into the 1st and 3rd Battalions. The end of the program led to a deep rift between the Marine Corps and Army, which further impeded U.S. efforts in Vietnam. On 5 February as Company G withdrew from Hill 1175 they were ambushed resulting in 5 Marines killed and 18 wounded, while only 2 PAVN bodies were found. At this time our unit index pages are not complete. Korean Presidential Unit Citation Streamer * 15-27 September 1950 * 26 October 1950 - 27 July 1953. Corporal William D. Morgan was one of the men killed in action when he made a daring dash and directed fire away from Private First Class Robinson Santiago and Private Robert Ballou. At 18:30, Winecoff briefed his men on the ambush. [2]:16–8, In early 1969, intelligence reports indicated there had been a large PAVN build-up in the A Shau and Đa Krông Valleys. 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Prior to the launching of the operation, U.S. Marine infantry units in the northern I Corps region had been tied to their combat bases along the South Vietnam border as part of the McNamara Line. After a six-hour night march, Company H set up a hasty ambush; at 11:00 on 24 February, six PAVN soldiers walked into their kill zone, of which four were killed. Marine Corps Non-Divisional And Sub-Divisional Ground Units In Vietnam. (vietnam, 7 december 1968 – 8 march 1969) (southwest asia, 14 august 1990 – 16 april 1991) (11 september 2001 – 31 january 2002) (iraq, september 2004 – march 2005) meritorious unit commendation streamer with three bronze stars (vietnam, 9-11 may 1969) (vietnam… Marines at Camp Pendleton who fall under the “Blue Diamond” can be especially proud of their heritage. During patrols from Hill 41, Delta Co. engages the NVA/VC in a series of small-unit clashes. Casualties were mounting for Company H: three killed and five wounded.

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